NOTE: The repertoire list is being updated, please check back later for the final requirements.

The auditions for the 2018–2019 season will occur on Monday, August 20 in Pearl Studios, 500 Eighth Avenue (between 35th & 36th Streets), New York.

We currently have the following positions open:

If you would like to apply for one of these positions, carefully read the requirements for your family and instrument, then email (please include your name and instrument) to reserve an audition time slot.

About the Orchestra

You can read about the orchestra here, and you may also want to learn more about our Music Director, Barbara Yahr, hear the orchestra, read reviews of some past concerts, and see what we performed in past seasons.

The orchestra typically puts on five or six concerts during a season that runs from October through May. Concerts are usually on Sunday afternoons and are preceded by five to seven rehearsals on Tuesday evenings plus a dress rehearsal the Saturday morning before the concert. Members are not asked to pay dues to play with the orchestra, however regular attendance at rehearsals is expected.


Please note that you should bring the music for your solo work(s) and/or excerpts with you to your audition. The excerpts can usually be found in orchestral excerpt books, or downloaded from IMSLP.


Please prepare two movements from the standard solo concerto or sonata repertoire demonstrating contrasting musical styles and technical work. A movement from a Bach solo work is recommended.

Please note that in most cases we will only review a total of five minutes of playing.


The above requirements for section string players, plus the following excerpts:

Co-principal bass

The above requirements for section string players, plus the following excerpts:


We will not be hearing any clarinettists or flute-only players at this years’ audition.

Please present five minutes of a movement from a standard solo work of your choice, and be prepared to play any excerpt from the following list.

Piccolo (third flute)




Please prepare five minutes of a movement from the concerto specified, or a work of similar style. You will also be asked to play any excerpt from the following list.

French horn


Please email for audition requirements.