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The piece de resistance was Franck’s Symphony in D Minor, a deftly and intricately orchestrated and altogether underappreciated work. From the unfettered angst fluttering from the cellos as it opened, this turned out to be a richly epic, minutely jeweled, darkly sweeping interpretation, a storm to get completely lost in.
A Lustrously Balanced, Cohesive Opening to the Greenwich Village Orchestra’s New Season, Lucid Culture, October 2013

[I]n Sunday’s concert of Wagner selections, Christine Goerke and the Greenwich Village Orchestra proved to have a partnership with admirable chemistry.
Ich Sei Das Weib! Goerke and the Greenwich Village Orchestra, Paperblog, May 2013

We were in the audi­ence on Sun­day watch­ing a won­der­ful per­for­mance by the orchestra and admir­ing how well Bar­bara addressed and involved the audi­ence which was full of children and adults with dis­abil­i­ties and their fam­i­lies.
Eytan improvised with Orchestra, one of the many positive responses to the GVO’s Together in Music concert in New Canaan, Connecticut, April 2012

The GVO played [Brahms, Symphony No. 3] with warmth and clarity.
Greenwich Village Orchestra Presents Khachaturian and Brahms, Feast of Music, March 2012

A well-oiled, perfectly balanced machine, the orchestra made their way through the suspenseful atmospherics of the opening movement, to a sudden, blustery gallop and then the buoyantly swaying minuet in the second, awash in the glimmering contentment of the high strings against warmly nocturnal, sustained brass and woodwind tones.
Another Thrill Ride with the Greenwich Village Orchestra, Lucid Culture, February 2012

Everything was geared to making the concert experience enjoyable for young people in a fun, non-stifling environment.
Learning to Love Music: The Greenwich Village Orchestra’s Annual Family Concert, Lucid Culture, December 2011

The Greenwich Village Orchestra, as their name implies, draws on some of the finest classical talent from a neighborhood that’s been synonymous with artsy downtown New York for decades.
Nine Questions for Maestro Barbara Yahr of the Greenwich Village Orchestra, Lucid Culture, November 2011

Through two standing ovations, the mostly sold-out house seemed as out of breath as the musicians were.
The GVO Gets Picturesque, Lucid Culture, November 2011

I think everyone, in some way, is a musical being. People think that classical music can be often very stuffy. But we try and provide a more relaxed environment — there’s no need to dress up. We just want people in the room enjoying beautiful music.
Maestro Yahr in Grad brings classical music to the masses for 10 years, Washington Square News, October 2011

I do like brass, if it’s well done. Like these guys.
The Greenwich Village Orchestra Wins by Unanimous Verdict, New York Music Daily, October 2011

[T]his well-loved yet underexposed ensemble plays some of the best classical concerts in New York, year after year.
The 20 Best New York Area Concerts of 2010, Lucid Culture, December 2010

Is it because the Greenwich Village Orchestra has a shorter season, with more rehearsals per concert, that they get everything so right, time after time? Or is it just a fortuitous match of inspired players with a conductor who is such a passionate advocate for the music on the bill?
The Greenwich Village Orchestra Goes Behind the Iron Curtain, Lucid Culture, February 2010

[T]he Brahms Violin Concerto seemed to play itself, and Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony was as riveting and disquieting as its composer intended.
From a Smile to a Scream: the Greenwich Village Orchestra Plays Brahms and Shostakovich, Lucid Culture, February 2008

A sweeping, majestic, virtuosic show by a world-class orchestra ….
The Top 20 New York Area Concerts of 2007, Lucid Culture, January 2008

Ms. Tower did not skimp on technical demands, particularly in the brass, but the Greenwich Village players were up to them.
A Celebration of America, With the Future in Question, The New York Times, February 2006

It’s hard to believe that this world-class orchestra has somehow managed to fly so far below the radar.
Adrenaline for the Soul, Lucid Culture, November 2007

Why the GVO?

The GVO enriches the Union Square community with quality classical music in a hip downtown venue. We are passionate, dedicated musicians with an informal style. Come to a GVO concert to relax after Sunday brunch or hours of shopping in Union Square, or to impress a date or out-of-town guest.

See what these concert-goers have to say:

Compassionate, dedicated musicians. Bravissimo!
Andrea Kay, Great Neck, New York

The first time I went to a concert by Greenwich Village Orchestra I was very impressed by the quality and professionalism. I went back to a second concert and look forward to attending future concerts. I am inspired by their performances and the music.
Christina Chang, New York

The diversity and the widespread cultural aspect is rare for such a concert. Great!
Ulrike Kaunzner

I love bringing my kids to the GVO’s holiday concert. It’s great fun and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in December. Both kids and grownups have a blast. And the price is right!
Katie, Newtown, Connecticut

Though I wouldn’t consider my self a music critic, as a classic music lover, I would say last time I especially enjoyed Gershwin’s Cuban Overture and also the Pines of Rome, as its composition was very sensational… I am really very impressed with the music made by all of these volunteers… So, keep up with this great work and keep on inviting us.
Deha, New Jersey

I want to go see it again!
Ruth, age 3½, Brooklyn, after 2011 Family Concert

Guest Artist Interviews & Reviews

The GVO prides itself on bringing you some of the world’s finest soloists, both established and emerging. Read the biographies of this season’s featured artists, and see the articles below for more on some of our previous guests: